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MuggleNet Academia is a comprehensive insight into the literary thematic elements and scholastic endeavors that author J.K. Rowling has provided in her writings of the Harry Potter series.

We look through the entire Harry Potter series for various elements in alchemy, literary components, composition attributes, as well as available classes at Universities and Colleges around the world, and various unique studies that are being implemented today.

We dive head first into a political discussion with two very special guest who are published experts on the subject. First is Professor Ben Barton is a Helen and Charles Lockett Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee and author of the brilliant academic journal Harry Potter and the Half-Crazed Bureaucracy. Additionally, Professor Jack Gierzynski who is the Director of the James M. Jeffords Center's Vermont Legislative Research Service and Professor of Political Science at the University of Vermont and author of the book Harry Potter and the Millennials.

In this lesson we examine the role of the books and the political outlook as seen in the Ministry of Magic to that which we see in today's society. With emphasis on Libertarians and whether the books lean more left or right or even right or wrong. This lesson will be sure to capture your attention as we look at the small nuances of government in the Wizarding World.

We hope you enjoy the show. Thank you for listening.

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