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MuggleNet Academia Lesson 27: 'Billywigs, Bowtruckles, and Basilisks - Harry Potter's Fantastic Beasts'

MuggleNet Academia is a comprehensive insight into the literary thematic elements and scholastic endeavors that author J.K. Rowling has provided in her writings of the Harry Potter series.

We look through the entire Harry Potter series for various elements in alchemy, literary components, composition attributes, as well as available classes at Universities and Colleges around the world, and various unique studies that are being implemented today.

In this Lesson, we examine some of the Fantastic Beasts found within the Harry Potter series and other Fantastic Beasts found within the schoolbooks from 2001. Joining us on the show is Dr. Melissa Aaron of California Polytechnic Institute of Pomona, California and Biology/Zoology instructor Jason Crean of Lyons Township High School and St. Xavier University and Aurora University.

We also discuss what we hope to se within the new film series Fantastic Beasts as screenplayed by author J.K. Rowling.

Thank you for listening.

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