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Join us in this latest Academic Lesson from the world created by author J.K. Rowling as we dive into the psychology of various Harry Potter characters.

Host Keith Hawk from MuggleNet is joined with co-host John Granger, the Hogwarts Professor and author of the Deathly Hallows Lectures, as we share insights into the literature series of author J.K. Rowling. On this show Professor of History Katy McDaniel from Marietta University and student guest Abigail Robertson from Bowling Green State University join us as we discuss the topic of Elfin Mystique. Are the House-elves representative of House-wives? Or are they more representative of the American Slavery from pre-civil war? Is Dobby seen as a Christian hero and Extentialist? J.K. Rowling's writing of the House-elves dissects issues of today's modernistic world, and we want to set the record straight. Your in for a treat as we dive deep into the Elfin Mystique of Harry Potter.

MuggleNet Academia is a podcast from the staff of the World's No. 1 Harry Potter website,

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