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MuggleNet Academia Lesson 29: "Harry Potter and Social Psychology -- Does reading the Hogwarts Saga Make Us Less Prejudiced?"

MuggleNet Academia is a comprehensive insight into the literary thematic elements and scholastic endeavors that author J.K. Rowling has provided in her writings of the Harry Potter series.

We look through the entire Harry Potter series for various elements in alchemy, literary components, composition attributes, as well as available classes at Universities and Colleges around the world, and various unique studies that are being implemented today.

In this lesson, we examine the research done in the field of Social Psychology by esteemed Professor Loris Vezzali, Department of Education and Human Sciences, Faculty of Education Sciences at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy. Professor Vezzali's main research interest concern prejudice-reduction and improvement of intergroup relations.

Also joining us in this lesson is English major student and Fan Activist, Krysti Meyer, from Weber State University in Utah, United States.

We hope you enjoy the show. Thank you for listening.

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