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MuggleNet Academia - Lesson 8: 'Second Sight - Editing the Harry Potter books with Cheryl Klein'

Join us in this latest Academic Lesson from the world created by author J.K. Rowling as we discuss what was it like to actually edit the 'Harry Potter' books and the keys to success in the publishing industry of today's market.

Host Keith Hawk from MuggleNet and Co-host John Granger, the Hogwarts Professor, discuss a variety of topics relating to the 'Harry Potter' series with a Special Guest Speaker and a Student Guest Speaker during each lesson. In this lesson, we are joined with Cheryl Klein, who was the continuity editor of the 'Harry Potter' books for Scholastic under Arthur Levine. Cheryl was instrumental in the publishing process for the final three Harry Potter books as well as the schoolbooks. Also joining us on the show is our student guest, Kimmy Saylor, who is a recent graduate from Millersville University and current employee at Random House publishing.

MuggleNet Academia is a podcast from the staff of the World's No. 1 Harry Potter website, (

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