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Join us in this latest Academic Lesson from the world created by author J.K. Rowling as we dive into the literature of the 'Harry Potter' series.

Host Keith Hawk from MuggleNet is joined with co-host John Granger, the Hogwarts Professor and author of the Deathly Hallows Lectures, as we share insights into the literature series of author J.K. Rowling. On this show Associate Professor of Government at Georgetown University, Daniel Nexon, and recent graduate of her Master's Degree from Queen's University in Canada, Kara Szames, join us as we discuss the topic of Political Science and the role of the Government in the 'Harry Potter' series. Are there any analogies between World War II and the Hogwarts Saga? What influence, if any, did the war on Islamist Terror have in Rowling's writing? What political beliefs of Rowling do we see in both 'Harry Potter' and 'The Casual Vacancy'? All of this and so much more. So sit back and tune in your Wizarding Wireless Network for a fascinating discussion about 'Political Science in the Harry Potter Series'

MuggleNet Academia is a podcast from the staff of the World's No. 1 Harry Potter website,

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